Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moving on up

Now that I am a big two year old, I have moved up into the next room at daycare now. So many fun things to do.

I am very sad to not be with my Pravin anymore - I love her so much. But mummy has said it is time to have some fun with Renee now.

At least my Pravin is still there if I need a cuddle!

It's official - I'm a BIG GIRL!

Well it's official.

I turned two on Monday. That's right - I'm no longer a baby. Call me BIG GIRL from now on!

I was so spoilt - I got sooooooooooooooo many toys ........... like Jessie from Toy Story, a Barbie with a horsey, a fairy Barbie, Tinkerbell, a silver bracelet with my initials on it, a Dora doll and puzzle, gorgeous clothes, Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty dress us dresses, play do, an activity book and a cash register ....... all the way from my cousins in America. That is a whole other country did you know!

Jackson and I are having a superhero and fairies party in two weeks. Can't wait!

Here are some pics from my day:

All my presents - very spoilt!
Opening all those presents
Jackson trying hard to claim Jessie!
Get this box open now!
Playing with Daddy
Cheeky birthday smile
And another!
Time for cake - yummy!
A cuddle with Jackson

Got all my teeth!

Mummy and Daddy are all excited as my last baby tooth has pushed on through. No more teething after this - can't wait for all that pain to go away.

I won't have to wake Mummy and Daddy up in the night anymore ...... oh OK will do it just for fun from now on, but don't tell them I told you that - ssssshhhhhhh!

Jump! Jump! Jump .... well almost

I still haven't mastered jumping yet, but it is so much fun trying. Soon I will get airborne!

Keen Kiddies Mansion

Welcome to Jackson and my new house we got for Christmas. OK it is just a cubby but we love it.

Helping to build the cubby
Making use of the porch
Voila - the finished product

Here comes Santa Claus .......

Santa came to visit me at Christmas - I was a very good girl!

This was my second Christmas ever - can you believe it. I had so much fun and got soooooooo many presents.

Christmas Sing-a-long

Not long before Christmas, my family and I went to Christmas Carols up in Sydney. It was in some park called The Domain. We met Nanna and Granddad there, with so many other people.

We all had so much fun singing lots of different Christmas songs. The Wiggles even sang some too - I loved that.

Hugest bump ever

In true Chrismtas party mode, I went to a party at my boyfriend's Daddy's work and though I'd follow in Mummy's footsteps and fell down the steps straight into a pole ........ at least Mummy usually can use a few drinks as an excuse!

But I did beat Jackson on having the biggest shiner on my forehead possible.

All jokes aside - it hurt sooooooo much.

Having fun with the boys before I fell
My big shiner - nice hey!

Summer loving

Just a few happy snaps from summer - I love summer!

Colour me springtime

There are so many flowers that come out in spring where I live. I love flowers. Thought I'd share some pics from spring with you.

Fun times in Canberra

Mummy, Daddy, Jackson and I went on a weekend trip to Canberra one weekend in October last year. We drove down in our car listening to the Wiggles along the way. I like singing along to the Wiggles in the car!

It even snowed on the drive down - not enough to cover the ground though. We never get to see snow so it was a real treat - my very first time.

This also meant it was very cold in Canberra - and I was sick too so a bit miserable really.

Despite this we had lots of fun. We went to Questacon, some science thingy majiggy with lots of fun things to do.

After this we went to the Australian War Memorial to check out war planes and stuff. Not really my thing but at least I was carried around.

We visited Australian Parliament House (well we just drove there) as Daddy hadn't checked it out before. Boring! Yawn!

We also rode on this massive four seater family bike - of course Mummy and Daddy did all the cycling, while Jackson and I sat back and watched them be out slaves.

We also went to an outdoor miniature railway place - Jackson enjoyed than more than I did. I just wanted to sleep really.

But I enjoyed my first trip to Canberra. Next time I will go when it is warmer!

Daddy making me feel a little better - cuddles are always great!
Our big bike ride with Parliament House behind
Windy times with Mummy at the War Memorial
Mummy been silly at Questacon
Water fun time at Questacon

Time for a chop

I had my very first haircut last year in November. It was so much fun. I went to Jackson's hairdresser Kirsten and even got a lollipop afterwards.

When Jackson was my age he used to kick and scream, but I was a good girl. So ner!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I belong in the zoo ...... apparently!

Mummy, Daddy and Jackson took me on my very first trip to the zoo in Sydney at the end of August last year.

It was such a great day with my family. I got to see elephants, lions, giraffes, gorillas and so much more. I even went to a seal show - we got splashed by water. I like seals!

We also went to a bird show with so many birds flying everywhere. I even had an ice cream while I watched them. Yummy! Yummy!

Jackson use to go a lot before I was born - that was before my family moved out of Sydney. He was very lucky! I would like to go again one day.

Gorgeous little baby elephant Mr Shuffles!
Splashing in the water - can't get more fun than that!
With my real family
Me acting like an animal
Daddy showing me the giraffes