Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chocolate high

I think I'm going to really like Easter from now on. I mean, who wouldn't - the Easter bunny and lots of chocolate = good times!

The Easter bunny came to visit us and left lots of eggs for Jackson and I.

We got to spend Easter with all my family. We went on a picnic on Easter Sunday with Izzie, Pa, Joel, Connor, Angus, Uncle Andrew and Auntie Kate at some dam somewhere. We had so much fun - there were lots of rumbles, soccer and an Easter egg hunt.

On Easter Monday (and ANZAC Day as well) we went to Nanna and Grandad's house for lunch and had another Easter egg hunt. I like Easter egg hunts ...... and I like chocolate too!

I LIKE Easter!

The Easter bunny has been
And off we go on our hunt
Chocolate is great!
My Easter bonnet I made at daycare
Picnic with my cousins
All on board
Horsey rides
OMG - I found lots of eggs
My littlest cousin Angus

Fun times at the Easter Show

Well Easter has come and gone and I have soooooo many Easter eggs - I think I may still be going by the time Easter arrives next year.

We had such a great long weekend. Mummy and Daddy took us on our first visit to the Easter Show in Sydney. There were so many people there, but we had lots of fun. We went on lots of rides, saw lots of animals, had a yummy ice cream and even got a show bag - I got a Dora bag and Jackson got Batman.

My Dora bag has a Dora backpack, a Dora purse, another Dora bag, Dora slippers and Dora hair bands. I love Dora.

My new Dora bag - almost as big as me!
Sugar + inflatable hammers = fun time!
Teacup ride
Making friends with some kids
Riding on my John Deere!
If I bang on the glass, they get excited. So bang again!
Look Mummy and Daddy - lots of sheep!
Posing with the stinky sheep
Giddy up horsey - this was fun!
The Easter Show is pretty tiring stuff

Sniff, sniff

Hehe I got out of going to daycare today - I chucked a sickie. OK I am genuinely sick, but it is nice to have a quiet day at home without Jackson taking my toys off me and being noisy. Think I might have a nap now. Night night.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sing song

Going solo in Vanuatu

Bubba love

This is a few months old now, when I was a little girl, but I love this video of me playing with my bubba!

My new bed!

My first time out of Australia

In January, I went for my first trip outside of Australia to Vanuatu - I even got to use my passport that I have had since I was six weeks old (not the most flattering of pics!).

I had so much fun with my family splashing about in the pool all day. It did get very humid, which wasn't always fun, but the pool fixed everything.

Mummy and Daddy hired a car one day and took us to Turtle Beach where I got to hold baby turtles and I even helped Mummy to feed a huge 60 year old turtle. Jackson was a bit scared, but I wasn't!

I like Vanuatu and want to go back one day. The people were so nice to me!

My lips hurt ..... sniff

I am a bit sad today. I fell over at the park yesterday and face planted into the concrete. There was blood everywhere .... on my face, over my hands and on Mummy's shirt!

My lip is all swollen, cut up and bruised. Not a pretty sight - I won't let mummy take a picture.

Hopefully it will get better soon.

Party Girl!

I am sooooo exhausted this week after our huge superheroes birthday party last Sunday, but it was so much fun.

I wasn't in the best mood to start off with - Mummy said I woke up on the wrong side of bed ..... but I didn't. I eventually came around after some fairy bread - yummo!

We had an Easter egg hunt in our backyard. That was lots of fun - chocolate lifted my spirits even more.

And even more after lollies from the pinata - I hit it really well!

We even had a jumping castle to do lots of jumping. But it started raining later so we only had a short time for jumping.

Mummy made me a butterfly cake - it was so good. I love butterflies!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Party season

It was birthday party time today for Jackson's best friend Sebastian. I had so much fun eating cake and running around - I even ran in front of someone swinging and their feet went straight into my head ....... not so fun.

So tired and ready for bed. Night all!