Monday, January 25, 2010

Bathtime fun!

Life and times of Madeline - 10 months .... almost

So it's been a while since I last updated my blog, but so many things have been happening - hey I'm almost 10 months .......... life can't get much busier.

So here's an update: I started crawling at the end of November .......... I like commando style as it helps mummy clean the floors. I'm such a helpful little gal! However, I realised there is no future in it (no money) so I am thinking about progressing to full blown crawling, but am still teetering on the edges while I make my mind up.

So I passed my first Christmas with flying colours as a Christmas fairy. Mummy and Daddy thought it would be really funny to dress Jackson and I up - I am sure we will hate them for it in years to come, but everyone thought I looked cute so that is all that is important.

I got lots of presents, but between you and me, eating the wrapping paper was the most fun!

I now have six chomping teeth to chew on everything with - Mummy's arm is especially yummy. I have other teeth that have been teasing me and hurting lots, but they still haven't come through yet.

I have been playing lots with my boyfriend Toby - he is 3 weeks older than me and we hold hands.

In November I went to my first concert ever - B52s, The Proclaimers and Mental As Anything. I have no idea who any of these bands are but it was really fun and really really loud.

Summer has been fun. I really like the beach and eating sand is great!

That is about all I can muster up out of my baby brain right now, but I hope you've enjoyed reading. More updates soon.