Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I can spell my name!

Big week of firsts

No more daycare for me - I am now a big pre-school girl and love it! I started only last week. My teachers name is Miss Harris - she even made me a fairy garden.
Jackson also started big school this week at Turramurra Public School
 My first day of swimming at my new swim school at Knox. So much fun!
 Welcome to chef Madeline!

Past few months of change

Well it has been a busy and massive few months in my life - and I'm only 3!

I finished up at my daycare centre in Mittagong just before Christmas. Saying goodbye to my teachers was sad.

This is Nat, Helen and Julie

My two favourite teachers from when I was younger - Renae (or Nae Nae) and Pravin. Pravin was there when I walked for the first time!

My best friend from daycare Emma

But I did go out in style - killing off my tooth on a trampoline. It hurt so much and now I have a brown tooth. Mummy said it won't fall out until my adult teeth come through. It doesn't hurt any more though.

Here is a picture of my tooth.
Here is a pic from my daycare photos of my favourite brother Jackson and I.
We went to a fair at Frenscham girls school near our house in Mittagong and rode another pony. I like ponies!

Before Christmas I had my first ever ballet concert of the stage - it was so much fun!

 I also had my face painted at the shops again - a unicorn rainbow!! I love having my face painted.

 I met Santa - again and again!!

I said a sad goodbye to my house in Mittagong. We moved back to Sydney to be closer to Daddy's work. We will miss out cubby!

This is the truck that took away all of our furniture
 And this is our new house ..................
First thing we did was put up the Christmas tree!
 In Sydney we have a great beach for the dogs at Bayview. We love it there.

 Just before Christmas we went to see the Wiggles final concert with the original Wiggles - Greg, Murray, Jeff and Anthony. Lots of fun! 

 Our real estate agent gave us a very yummy gingerbread house, which we devoured with our cousins on Christmas day
 We even saw the Christmas windows and trees in Sydney.

So much else has happened, but that will do for today ;0)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I am three - yippee!

Well it is official. I am three and a big girl. I had a wonderful day at daycare and really loved opening presents with my family. I am having a party with Jackson this weekend to celebrate with our friends. Here are a few photos from my very special day ........

Opening lots of presents

Yay - another one!

Thanks Uncle Mouse, Auntie Donna, Ollie, Evan and Lauren!

Thanks Pete and Sheila - love my dress!

Cupcakes for breakfast! Yum

Where do I start?

Right here I think

Presents from Izzie and Pa - thanks!

Special jewelry

Cupcake time again

Birthday cuddles with Nanna

Even more cupcakes

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three is me!

That's right - I am a big three year old now. Next I will be four and then five.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big 3 here I come

This is my very last day of being 2 ....... ever! I am such a big girl now.

Friday, March 2, 2012