Tuesday, September 6, 2011

About time someone realised I had something stuck up my nose!

Hehe - I had everyone guessing for weeks! That's right I stuck a yellow fluffy ball from Jackson's "collection" up my nose weeks ago ..... and the docs only just realised last week.

Apparently I stank really bad for a few weeks from my nose, but everyone just though it was because I was sick. But guess what people, that fluffy yellow ball is what was making me sick!

Some doctor had to put things up my nose to get it out. When they put some suction thing up there, I said "no way jose!" So he stuck up some metal tweezer thing instead and managed to pull it out. I did put up a good fight though, but mummy had me well and truly held down. Probably a good thing as apparently I was luck I didn't have to "go under" to get it out - whatever that means.

Finally I can breathe properly again, especially when I sleep and swim.

I even have the ball in a jar to show everyone how "not so clever" I was.

Mummy told me never to put things up my nose again. Should I listen to her?