Tuesday, November 17, 2009


While I am on a roll with posts, I guess I should share my latest swimsuit model shots. Look out for the next cover of Babies Illustrated.

Olympics here I come

A few weeks ago I started swimming lessons with mummy - it is so much fun! I get to kick my legs everywhere, go under the water, pull down mummy's swimming cossie and smile at everyone else in the pool. I am exceptional at the last activity!

Look out Leisel Jones .............. Olympics here I come!

Here is a photo of me swimming for the very first time when I was on holidays recently in Noosa.

Busy bubba

It has been a while in between posts ....... you know how busy it is being a seven month old! I just don't know how I find the time to do anything these days. What with sleeping, eating, playing, sleeping, eating, playing, sleeping, eating, playing, sleeping, eating, playing ..... before I know it the day has just disappeared before my eyes.